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Long Overdue Update

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Well, I am just getting the hang of some of this internet stuff. I have abandoned the Flu Awareness Idea as it was just too risky with the FDA telling everyone what they can NOT say. I am a firm believer in alternatives to mainstream medicine. I can say that. I was going to recommend PowerImmune because I know it is a good product. I won’t say it can help your immune system because that might be a no no. Its a strong formula and a good product.


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This website is merely my landing page and portal to all my future sites. Currently working on 3 new websites that should be up and running in the next 3 weeks. I had some major computer issues and had to start all over in many ways. I was able to salvage 1 site which you can visit at:

I am working on a FluAwareness site and hope to have that up as soon as I hear from my product companies and get all my banners and webpages in order. I also am doing a few other sites in various areas of interest. I will keep you all posted as things progress.

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